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Splash Pool

Brawns with brains’ is the Academy’s motto. Hence games, sports and physical education form an integral part of the daily routine. The Academy provides excellent facilities for lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket, Taekwondo and soccer. The school teams participate in all the important state level and national level competitions.


One of the popular seasonal sport at GRD Academy which students enjoyed during Summer season. There are 1 large swimming pool and 2 splash  pools for the children.


Rather than depending upon external aids, every kid should be able to handle various stresses as they appear during their growth. Every child in school is taught that “Prevention is better than Cure”. Yet, how many know how to implement this in practice. And for those that do, how many have the will and wherewithal to do so. Familiarizing the child with Yoga tools can help show them the path of “Preventive medicine.”

Yoga helps bring about subtle attitudinal changes in life. If taught earlier on in life, they are easier implemented and can bring about a healthy change in society. Being able to harness ambition in a positive manner rather than through negativity will not only help the student excel but also make him / her a healthier and happier person. Is that not TOP priority what each parent seeks for his child?


GRD Academy can boast of having one of the best equipped gyms in the Schools community. It has the latest in machines with the best of trainers to coach students of all age groups.


Exercise regimens that begin at a young age are more effective in promoting longevity and health than those begun later in life. As children become older, there is a strong tendency for them to participate less in physical activity. The drop in such participation between the ages of twelve and eighteen is dramatic. The purpose of Aerobics at GRD Academy is to create and maintain interest in physical activity.