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Visit to Nehru Planetarium 

GRDians of class 11th and 12th science visited Nehru planetarium on Sep-2nd -2015. They were accompanied by 2 teachers Ms. Shilpy and Mr. Rajat .

It was a 2 hours visit. The resource person guided the students about galaxies, stars and planets and their formation about Big-bang theory and formation of stars, galaxies. The students learnt about Milky way in which our earth is located, Solar system, Lunar eclipse, Rotation and Revolution of earth on its own axis and sun. Other than the students also got to know about Meteoroids and Asteroids and their formation.

The students acquired knowledge. Overall it was a beneficial and interesting trip.

Inspiration Talk

GRD Academy organized an investiture ceremony on 26.9.15. The selection of students council was done on the basis of achievements of students in academics and co-curricular activities. The newly elected members of council were conferred the badges and flags by the Chairman Sir, S.Raja Singh. The students took an oath to carry out their duties with integrity, conformity and excellence.

To mark the occasion, a motivational talk was hosted by the school management for the welfare of students. Mrs. Harjinder Kaur, the Ex. Mayor of Chandigarh and President’s Awardee (Best motivational speaker) S.Paramjit Singh, spoke on steps to success and academic excellence.

Solo Dance Competition

Solo dance competition for Kindergarten was organized on November 21st in GRD Campus as a mark of our affection and respect for our grandparents. The program started with a Gayatri Mantra and a Rhyme by GRD Tiny Tots. The main attraction was couple dance, ramp walk and group dance. Last but not the least solo performances by are cute Grdians. All the parents oozed with pleasure as a performances surged. GRD nursery buzzed with activity. All winners were awarded with prizes by our worthy Chairman Sir (Sardar Raja Singh Ji), Vice Chairman (Kulwinder Singh) and Principal Madam (Ravinder Kaur). The Tiny Tots mesmerized everyone with their variant performances. The event was a great success and it concluded with the blessings of maternal and paternal grandparents and elders presence. Grandparents share their experience as well as over whelmed with pride. This function was held to express God’s belief in deep social bounding.

Gurupurab celebration

Guru Nanak Devji’s birthday was celebrated in the school on Nov 24,2015 to commemorate and remember the birth and philosophy of Guru Nanak Devji, the first Guru and founder of Sikhism. The students paid tribute to Gduru Nanak Dev, the repository of all divine, virtues through Creative Writing Activity in which they wrote about Guru Nanak and his childhood, Guru Nanak and his Pathshala, Guru Nanak and his boss RaiBular, Guru Nanak – the Saint, Guru Nanak – the Soldier, Guru Nanak and Bebe Nanaki, Guru Nanak and his friend Mardana, Guru Nanak as a Lama, Guru Nanak as a Poet, Guru Nanak as a universal Guru.

To have the skill of writing in all the three languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi), this creative writing was organized for the students of Class VI to X. Students participated whole heartedly. Class teachers discussed enlightening views on Guruji’s life with students. Students wrote different phases of Guruji’s life. Judgment was done on the basis of thought, handwriting, narration, tense making and Presentation. Principal mam appreciated the efforts of students.

Trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City

Trips are truly a great leaving experience. They not only rejuvenate the students but also provide an opportunity to have a real life experiences. GRD Academy, Ludhiana organized trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City on December 18,2015 to broaden the horizon of students and help them to acquire knowledge based on observation.

Pushpa Gujral City offers a blend of education, curiosity and fun. Moreover the project is aimed at cultivating an interest in Science through open ended exploration away from text books. With a scientific approach in mind managing authority of GRD decided an educational trip for students of class 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th to Science city along with class in-charges and subject in-charges.

All the students were full of enthusiasm and excited to go Science city. GRD started its voyage at about 8:00am. After a journey of about two hours, we reached there. We entered the ‘Science Voyage Hall Building’ which is the major attraction. It consist of Giant Dome Theatre, the outer surface of this Dome Theatre gives an appearance of giant world globe. Inside it has a large format film projection with uncompressed digital, wrap around where sound is simply unsurpassed in depth and clarity. Next we went to 3D Cinema. Audience of all ages are left spell bound by theatrical use of three dimensional computer graphics. One could feel that they are a part of action, as creepy creatures reaching out to grab us. Then students reached towards Laser show. Fog Liquid is used for generating smoke on which projections of dazzling lasers provide spectacular effects.

All the students and teachers enjoyed delicious lunch there. After taking lunch students went to ‘The Climate change Theatre’. It was related to geography, in which students got knowledge about glaciers, global warming, and harmful effects of pollution, usage of electricity, natural gases and fossil fuels. GRDians did great fun by doing boating and taking rides in toy train. Students all again mentioned galleries; students saw space gallery, Health gallery, fun science gallery and Dinosaur Park.

Nature and Nurture

GRD Academy Ludhiana, bubbled up with activity when it celebrated its function based on the theme”Nature and Nurture” for the classes I to VIII in the school premises on 26th December 2015. The function commenced with the floral welcome and the lighting of the lamp by the honorable Chief guest S. Paramjit Singh Pannu, Chairman S. Raja Singh, Vice Chairman S. Kawaljit Singh and Principal Mrs. Ravinder Kaur which was followed by Ganesh Vandana. This beautiful performance by the students of VII Class evoked applause and cheers from the audience. The students of II Class showcased their talent by performing on the theme”Unity is strength”. Their act is based on the moral that unity overpowers in the end so we should stay together and never lose hope. Next came the students of class I with their depiction of compassionate Mother Nature being ravaged by the reckless insensitive actions of man. Through song and dance, they inculcated eco-friendly attitudes. The zing with which the IV class students displayed fitness through aerobics inspired the audience very much. The students of VI Class enthralled the audience with their performance on a short moral story”Ant and the Grasshopper”, indicating the importance of hard-work in one’s life. The VIII Class students enacted on a play “Tom Sawyer and Aunt Polly” which showcased the helping nature of a naughty boy, Tom. The event witnessed a remarkably competent engagement of talented performers. The bright hues of children’s costumes and their sparkling performances were appreciated by one and all. The most riveting performance which drew and unceasing applause was Giddha and Bhangra, presented by the students of V Class. Bhangra showcasing the flavor of Punjab was a thrilling visual treat. It was lively, interesting and exciting. The Principal, Mrs. Ravinder Kaur thanked the chief guest and appreciated the mesmerizing performances by the students. The motive behind the event was to raise the global awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives. Overall the event was not only fun filled but also very educative and infused a new confidence in the students, teachers and parents alike. Everyone went away with the sweet and pleasant memories of the day.