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TC's Issued 2019-20

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Rules For Hostellers

Hostellers are expected to follow certain rules during their stay in Hostel.

  • They have to maintain discipline and decorum in the Hostel campus.
  • They are not allowed to keep or take any medicine / tonic without the knowledge of Hostel Warden or Medical Officer.
  • Students will be punished for scribbing or graffting on the walls,use of foul language and disturbing other Hostellers.
  • In case any loss / damage to the hostel belongings the cost will be realised through fines.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow money and other usables from others.
  • Mobiles phones are not allowed to the Hostellers.
  • Students are not allowed to move out of the hostel without prior permission of the Principal / Warden.
  • The school provides adequate guidance in all subjects to the hostellers,but if any student wants to have additional guidance,permission should be taken for the same.