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TC's Issued 2019-20

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Transportation facilities are provided for the convenience of the students,although it is not an obligatory service of the School.

  • Application for school transport,transport cancellation,change of bus stops,change of bus route etc.,should be submitted to School Transport Incharge one month in advance.
  • Students travelling by the school bus always be in proper school uniform and in possession of the school ID card with proper bus number failing which ,they will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Students must report at the scheduled stop 5 minutes before the bus arrival time.
  • No student will be allowed to board a bus other than the one allotted,unless he/she has written permission from the school authorities.
  • The bus facility will be cancelled for those students who damaged any bus fittings or indulge in acts of misbehavior / indiscipline in the bus.
  • Eating,drinking or playing any game in the bus is strictly forbidden.