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Headmistress Desk

The aim of this page is to convey as far as possible in words, the essence of ‘GRD Academy, Ludhiana’ which has already started the tradition in the pursuit of excellence in every field like discipline, academic standards, development of integrated personalities and the virtues of the healthy mind in a healthy body. With us, every student receives individual attention and the maximum comforts possible. It is our sincere endeavor to make education a meaningful and an enjoyable experience for children.

Although we value academic success highly, however we also appreciate that other qualities are equally important to be successful in life. By creating a positive environment and a wide range of educational experiences, we provide opportunities for our pupils to achieve excellence in intellectual, practical, cultural and sporting pursuits. Each pupil has the ability to achieve success in some area of life, given suitable guidance and encouragement. As a public school, we aim to cast the opportunities so wide so that every talent gets its chance to develop. The aim of the school has always been to develop the best to face the challenges of the changing world through emphasis on self- discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness. The school aspires to groom the young boys and girls to play the vital role in the future development and administration of this vast country.